Max Smith LLMSW

Many people feel stuck, unsure how to free themselves from suffering.   They struggle to maintain self-esteem after finding themselves in the same painful situation over and over again. Others feel lost after sudden changes or traumatic events and long to find themselves again.  Maybe you have cherished dreams for yourself and the ones you care about but the path to these goals is hard to find.  In pursuing the trail to new horizons our working relationship is central.  With me you will have a steadfast partner to explore difficulties that prevent you from reaching your goals.  I place great importance on respect, starting where you are and your understanding of the issue.  From there we create the treatment goals that best fit your situation together.

I am known as a warm, caring, attentive and insightful practitioner that works with client’s strength to develop a deep understanding of their thoughts and behavior.  I specialize in treating issues related to depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, sexual issues, grief and loss, relationship problems, identity and intergenerational conflict.  I have been trained to work with people of all ages from childhood to older adults.  I have extensive experience using both cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy to help clients reach their potential.


I graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters of Social Work, specializing in interpersonal practive and psychodynamic therapy.  I am the National Association of Social Work – Social Work Student of the Year for WSU in 2018,  and I am enrolled in Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute Early Admissions program.  I am also deeply interested in research and have extensive experience conducting ethnographies into the social, relational and mental health consequences of the Flint Water Crisis for older adults.  On this topic, I have been an author and presenter of numberous presentations around the country as well as a paper awarded the Cleckley Minority Reasearch Award by the American Public Health Association.

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