Tammie Bodner MSW, LMSW, DAAETS


Tammie Bodner LMSW, ACSW, DAAETS


Children speak with their behavior. Identifying the root cause and etiology is just where we begin. Because children do not have the words to express what they are feeling and/or experiencing, their feelings are “stuck” inside and each child’s individual way of expression must be found to begin the healing process. Some common behavioral manifestations are feeling sad/depressed, fear/anxiety, attachment issues, difficulty at bedtime and/or falling/staying asleep, anger/impulse control, defiance, a significant change in school performance, expressed illness without a known medical cause, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities and isolation.
My main area of expertise is in trauma. I am trained in Trauma Incident Reduction including application with children. Trauma and Traumatic Stress is individual to each person and manifests itself in many ways. I also specialize in physical and emotional school safety and significant involvement in the family courts.
My passion is making this world a better place to be for our children. I have continued my education in my areas of specialization creating a craft with a very high success rate. Children look forward to the time they spend with me                                                                                                   and experience a higher level of treatment.


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